UNICEF collaborated with the Board Members and the Chairman of ÇESVAK to meet all equipment needs of Sarıkamış Vilayetler Birliği Kindergarten in Kars.

Officials from both organizations visited the school and listened to Filiz Karahaliloğlu, the Head of School, to get detailed information about the school and its needs.

Öner Akgerman, the Chairman of ÇESVAK, said, “I am an industrialist. An industrialist does not only produce and sell goods but also gives back what he/she takes from the society in various ways. This school is one of the examples of such projects”.

Prof. Dr. Talat Halman, the President of UNICEF National Committee for Turkey, stated, “This school was built for the children and the world citizens of the future. We hope that all children at the age of 5-6 will be able to go to kindergarten in the 100th year of our Republic and all our industrialists as well as our government will facilitate this by working together. We are in this together as a nation. We hope to see much better days and years”.

Sarıkamış District Director of National Education Bulent Dağdelen thanked the officials from UNICEF and Çimentaş for meeting the needs of the school and presented a certificate and plaque of appreciation to them.

Filiz Karahaliloğlu and the teachers prepared and served local desserts to their guests.