The Aegean Modern Education Foundation (EÇEV) thanked the benefactors and sponsors who contributed to promotion of equal opportunities in education.

The founding members of EÇEV, the members of the Board of Directors and the employees of EÇEV came together for the Meeting of Founding Members, which took place on Wednesday, September 19 at Kordon Hotel. On the same day, a ceremony of appreciation was also planned to thank the benefactors and sponsors, who significantly contributed to the realization and popularization of activities that aim to promote education.

In her opening speech, Yasemin Resitoglu, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of EÇEV, explained how necessary and important the NGO’s are while emphasizing the need for more diverse and innovative projects by organizations such as EÇEV, which was established in Izmir in 1995 by 96 intellectuals to fight against the inequality of opportunity in education. She also said, “Today, there are individual and corporate benefactors among us. As a foundation, we manage to move foward thanks to our benefactors. We are glad to have them with us. In this meeting, we would like to thank our benefactors, who greatly contributed to our efforts in ensuring the equality of opportunity in education, in the presence of our founders”.

First, the contributions of the benefactors who have donated/allocated buildings, land and premises for the activities to be held by the foundation and paid the operational expenses since its establishment, were appreciated by the foundation. Then, the contributions of the institutions which have supported the foundation by hosting branded educational projects and traditional events were acknowledged by the foundation. Finally, the contributions of the individuals, organizations and groups who have created certain amount of resources for the foundation in the last three years through donations, social responsibility projects and activities. During the meeting, emotional moments were exchanged while the founders and former board members were awarding the plaques of appreciation to the benefactors. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izmiroğlu Family, Carfi Family, Çimentaş Group, Izmir University of Economics, Yaşar University, Ekin Koleji, Izmir Özel Türk Koleji, Izmir SEV Elementary School, Izmir Palas, Çesme Boyalık Beach Hotel, Eldor Electronics and Yaris Kabin were some of the benefactors and sponsors that were awarded plaques in the meeting. Meral Somer, Halil Tokoğlu, Necla Kardeş, Rami Berki, Sevgi-Reha-Sema Aysay, Alim Ahmet Şenocak were also awarded plaques of appreciation due to their individual donations to the scholarship funds and activities of the foundation in the last three years. Finally, EÇEV-ITK Jumble Sale Volunteers, IEK PTAs, Melbourne Republic Cumhuriyet Korosu, EÇEV Event Team Volunteers and Aydan Sakbas were appreciated due to their examplary social responsibility projects and activities.